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Our Values

We are totally engaged

Referrals community pool

Charges only for sucess rate

Our Vision

To drive careers, grow businesses, and enhance the communities we call home

Our Mission

Provide our services in corprate standars with startup felexibility

Our Believes

Your human talent is the most important talent

We believe that "Your human talent is the most important talent". Accordingly, we connect great organizations with even greater people. We run local businesses that impact the diverse places we call home. Our placements enrich the lives of our job seekers and strengthen the businesses in our communities. Our stories and experiences reflect those we serve every day—and when we’re successful together, our investments flow back into the neighborhoods where we live and work. The power of Spherion is in our local roots. With resilience and grit, we turn obstacles into opportunities, engaging our people, our expertise, and our tools to get the job done. Our local knowledge is amplified by the best practices that can only come from our global partner. And when things get tough, we pivot and persevere.

A perfect experience in every time

We are customer satisfaction-oriented company, we aim to improve our management system accordingly and to reach the perfect level by improving it continuously.

“Every day we’re saying, ‘How can we keep the customer happy? How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this?’


In CloudVances Our vision is our why. It's not often that you can work in an industry where you can directly see how you're helping people. We love it. We consider it a privilege to be trusted by our candidates to guide them in their careers and by our clients to find their colleagues. What we do affects the lives of thousands of people and can make a huge difference in our communities. We are humbled that we get to do this every day.

Remote Hiring

We do remote hiring through our community referrals so we need the people by heart. also if you are looking for saving 50-60% from the employment cost so you are in the right place.


Access the talent, resources, and expertise needed to build a team that fully support business operations, ensure seamless user experience, and empower business innovation.

IT Services

In the era of technological advances and rapid changes, accordingly, we can provide you with our software and DevOps consultancy to go with the right business decisions


Believe you can and you’re halfway there

The excellent team which Includes everyone to learn, share and enrich their experience

Life is short, work somewhere awesome and take your career to new heights!

our ideas are big and our actions are bold. Every role makes an impact. This is why we look for people like you – people that are eager to grow personally and professionally. You explore, you start, you fail, you learn, you improve, and move forward.

Our people are driven by their passion to make a meaningful difference in the world, to their families and friends, and to themselves. Our culture fosters individual talent, mutual trust, and lifelong learning. We support our people so they can master their career journeys, go further, reach higher, and realize their greatest potential

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